ISI Nutritional Clinic

The ISI Nutritional Clinic has been developed by ISI Sports Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner Eoin Lacey. The Clinic has been designed to maximise health, well being and performance, it is NOT a medical clinic and purely deals with optimising our clients and athletes road to Extraordinary Wellness and Peak Performance.  Clinic locations are 65 Leeson Street and Marina View Clinic, Malahide. Both locations have on site qualified and insured Phlebotomists ( Stephen Ward and Eoin Lacey).

Functional Laboratory Testing is a growing field and we are delighted to offer a wide range of testing. Testing however, is on a case per case bases and only following a consultation and in depth history will any testing be recommended.

Eoin is currently a Practitioner with:

In early 2016 Eoin consulted with Dr Eric Serrano and both of them formulated the ISI Blood Chemistry Panel. This bespoke panel incorporates a multitude of blood markers to comprehensively assess client health and functionality. This is our go to test to highlight  an area of troubleshooting along with a scientific and proven method of assessing health.

True health is our goal at the ISI Nutritional Clinic, a minimum of 2-3 consultations is required in order to really benefit from the clinic service:

  • Step 1

    Consultation, History, Client Interview, Blood Draw / Testing Kit Completion

  • Step 2

    Blood Work or Test Result Interpretation and Recommendations

  • Step 3

    2-6 Week follow on to assess progress, troubleshoot, feedback, modification of recommendation, plan retest date if required.

All supplementations recommended by the ISI Clinic are from an approved and licensed laboratory, Certification of Purity and Quality is available on all products on request. Or see

*Education is a key component of the ISI Group and the Clinic will also provide internship to fellow professionals wishing to learn the science and art of functional and integrative medicine. Clients will always be asked if they wish to have a student present or not. All students will be licensed, insured and subject to the Data Protection Act.

Consultation Fees:

  • Initial Consultation with Eoin Lacey: (60-90mins)

  • Follow on / Standard Consultation with Eoin Lacey: (45-60mins)

  • *Standard Consultation with ISI Nutritional Coach:

    ( not available until June 2017)

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