Hypertrophy Weekend

Event Details

ISI Hypertrophy Workshop: November 24-25, 2018

The New Hypertrophy Workshop has all new course content. Delivered over 2 days, with 3 workouts per day. As with our new Fat Loss Course, we have taken on board feedback from our previous attendees and reconfigured the course, the content and the delivery in order to give you the best learning experience possible. Our purpose built centre of excellence will allow attendees to experience the use of unique conditioning tools and training methods.

Over the weekend attendees with be immersed in the theory and practical components of hypertrophy training, but for real life people. All our methods are tried and tested and for the Natural Trainee/Athlete.

Over the weekend, we will focus and deliver 4 key concepts.

(1) Advanced Hypertrophy Specific Tests and Interpretation: Strength, Muscle Activation, Hydration Testing, Blood Glucose, Irelands first Bioimpedance Spectroscopy and much more. Attendees will learn first hand how to use these tests and understand how to implement a personalized plan of attack to enhance a clients success.

(2) Advanced Sports Nutrition Strategies and Recovery Methods to Accelerate Progress and assist anabolism for your clients and yourself. Peri Workout Nutrition

(3) Nutritional Medicine and Hypertrophy, learn how to optimize cellular function to help detox, improve hormones levels, sleep and training intensity.

(4) Hypertrophy Methods, Training Systems and Periodization. With the natural trainee, program design, training methods and periodization must be scientifically developed. During this course attendees will get a crash course on Anatomy, Training Principles and Effective Hypertrophy Methods