Advanced Fat Loss and Transformation Workshop

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Advanced Fat Loss and Transformation Workshop – October 13-14, 2018

This workshop has be designed for the Trainer, Coach and Nutritionist looking to implement the latest cutting edge information in the industry.  At the ISI, our Educational Series is an attendee focused learning experience and we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the highest quality learning experience possible with useable Information that you can implement the very next day.

The course is delivered over 2 Days with 4 ISI Course Instructors. There is Four Key Learning Components over the weekend.

(1) Advanced Fat Loss Specific Tests and Interpretation: Hydration Testing, Blood Glucose, Irelands first Bioimpedance Spectroscopy and many more. Attendees will learn first hand how to use these tests and understand how to implement a personalized plan of attack to enhance a clients success.

(2) Nutritional Medicine as it relates to Hormonal Balance, Beta Oxidation and Mitochondrial Health. Attendees will learn to look deeper than the kcal model and see how to optimize cellular function.

(3) Exercise Prescription: Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, Energy System Training. HR, HRV and much more. Learn how to train your client to improve posture, increase mobility, enhance muscle mass and offset plateaus and reduce the risk of injury.

(4) Performance Programming: This ofter overlooked key component, allows you the coach to periodise your clients fat loss, taking into consideration real life challenges and building a personalised plan. Attention here is on health, sleep, macro nutrients, kcals, hormones, genes,  performance reviews, progress tracking, advanced testing and much more.

This workshop along with our new Hypertrophy Workshop is NOT for beginner Coaches or Trainers, the information and training methods in this course is very advanced. It is recommended attendees have a minimum of 5 years experience.



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